Review Policy

I read mostly every genre of books. From historical to sci-fi, from comics to mangas, from nonfiction to literary.

But I am more inclined to Mystery-Thrillers, Horror,  Comedies and Fantasies. And I resent hardcore Erotica. I do not read them.

So if you think you like me enough to read your book and review for you please feel free to contact me.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:- For the time being I am not accepting any review requests. My reading list is too full and I can’t handle any more requests now. 


After I complete all the books I will accepts requests again.

The ratings are like this-

5 starsIt was amazing5stars


4 starsI really like it4stars


3 starsI like it-3 stars


2 starsIt was okay2 stars


1 starIt was not up-to the mark1 star

I must clarify that I review from my heart and I tell you that they are 100% honest. If I like it I say it out loud. If I do not I politely state the fact. I am never harsh with my criticism. 😊😊