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Cover Reveal:- Windswept by Jadie Jones


Today my blog features the cover reveal of Windswept by Jadie Jones. Presented by Parliament House Press.


An Unseen World believes Tanzy Hightower is the key to an ancient prophecy. They’ve waited a thousand years for her soul to return. Now, a war is waged between those who will stop at nothing to fulfill the prophecy, and those who’ve sworn an oath to end Tanzy’s existence, permanently. 22002724

Tanzy’s allies insist she seek refuge in a remote safe house in the Outer Banks. But the blood of a savage, wild horse runs in Tanzy’s veins, and its instincts are becoming impossible to control. She’s determined to rescue Lucas, an Unseen creature who has loved her since her first life, and to rescue the stolen Wildwood horses from a catastrophic end in the world beyond the veil.

While her fellow candidates beg her to stay in hiding, new enemies work to draw her out, making it clear Lucas and the horses are hers for the taking. Tanzy quickly learns that when your loved ones are used as bait, finding them is only the beginning.


I have lost myself.My blood is no longer my own. What now pumps through my body is a thousand years old and not human. My soul has memories of another life neither my mind nor my body experienced.  If blood and soul and memories are what make a person, I no longer belong to myself. If they aren’t, then what else is there?

I once heard our bonds are what make us. I hope that’s not true. I don’t have any left. My father’s body was swallowed by the river. My mother’s spirit was smothered by whiskey. My friends are not my friends, and I am not even myself – not really. A thousand year old soul has made a home inside this body. They say she’s me, that we are one in the same – not two souls fighting for territory. One. So why does that girl – her life, her loss, her love, her sacrifice – feel more like a bedtime story recalled from childhood, and nothing like something I once lived through – something I once died for?

I used to think having something to fight for made a person strong. So I fought. I fought against the belief that my father was dead – the dive team never found him, after all, and even magic couldn’t recover his body from the water. I fought for my mother, forfeited Wildwood and college, the world beyond the walls of our house, and every ounce of my happiness for her, and she still abandoned me. I fought for Vanessa. I trusted her. Trusted Dana and Lucas, and all of them betrayed me. Over and over I fought and fought, and I didn’t gain strength. I didn’t win. I broke.

All this time, I’ve been wrong. Dead wrong. Having something to fight for doesn’t make a person strong. Our bonds, our empathy, our very humanity… they’re vulnerabilities. Weaknesses.

We become most dangerous when we have nothing left to lose.

About the author:-

Author. Equine professional. Southern gal. Especially fond of family, sunlight, and cookie dough.​​ Connect with her:


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Review #23:- The Jasmine Bloom by Rajat Narula

This bag belongs to

“He looked at her. She was oblivious to him and his reading of her favourite poem. The delicate fragrance of the jasmine wafted in from the open window. They were in full bloom”

Set in the heart of Delhi, India the debut novel of Rajat Narula The Jasmine Bloom is a heart touching tale of contemporary society and the problems arising around it.

SummarySameer Chadha is in a mid-life crisis – unhappy with everything
around him, even his name. His corporate career is languishing and he
is increasingly alienated from his family. His wife Kavita, a part-time

36572542poet and a full-time mother, lives more in the past than the present.

When their lives collide with that of Ritu, a younger woman coping
with an abusive husband and an autistic son, a chain of 


events gets
triggered that puts all their lives into a tailspin.
The Jasmine Bloom is a story of love, lust, ruin and resurrection. It
is a commentary on the fragility of modern family life; of terrible
secrets and shocking choices. However, at its core, it is the tale of a
man learning to be happy in the here and now.

Summary (1)If the book was a play it was definitely be categorized as a problem play.

Apparently this book is all about characters and their minds. Humans are such impulsive creatures that they commit something in the spur of the moment and later regrets for the lifetime.

  • The main story revolves around Sameer Chadha, the corporate worker, family man and father of two daughters, runs after his ambition and feels estranged from his family. His wife Kavita is unresponsive and eldest daughter is facing teenage issues. Sameer commits a mistake due to his “error of judgement” and is trapped in the circle of sin and guilt. He could have stopped there being sorry and moved on but he didn’t. The weight of guilt lies heavy on his shoulder.
  • Ritu on the other hand, a co-worker of Sameer, mother to an autistic son is a financially independent woman yet is abused by her husband. She grasps Sameer as an escape from her otherwise desperate and abused life. He brought her a sense of freedom. But she is also shamefaced towards him and his family but she is unable to let him go.
  • And to be honest they really care for each other. Ritu cares about Sameer enough to sneak inside the office and collect proof about him being duped by his other colleagues; even though such step could have been grave for her own life.
  • Sameer too (then single father), cares about Ritu enough to ask her for marriage in her current predicament. However that idea didn’t culminate into success for various possible disturbing situations but I believe that if they were to be married the two wouldn’t have been unhappy together.
  • I will not be judging the two characters because they are stuck in such situation and heart is being played in the middle it is not possible for me to justify or unjustify their moods and choices because they didn’t deliberately hurt anyone but had burnt themselves in guilt. Who am I to judge them?
  • However, Sameer’s wife Kavita (whose untimely leave shook us all) is not present in the half of the book yet is omnipresent throughout in the minds of Sameer and his kids, in the poetries she had written once, in the garden which she created by her own hands, in the jasmine flowers that bloomed in her garden. And she also knows the utmost truth through her instinct-

“I think it happened because Sameer is forever searching for happiness he thinks his present does not offer him. A promotion. A bigger car. A lower golf handicap. Another woman.What he doesn’t realize is that the box of happiness he’s looking for doesn’t exist. If only he focused on what he has…”

Ironical isn’t it? Aren’t we all the same? Are we happy with what we have? Don’t we crave for more? So what is happiness?

In a nutshell the plot is cliché but characters portrayed deftly, Language is simple yet charming enough to touch the heart. I must mention that the authore has great command over language. Sometimes explicit physical relationship has been depicted which might be a little disturbing. One more thing most chapters seem to have been named after popular Bollywood movies.


Summary (2)There are one or two grammatical errors present (punctuation mostly) which is negligible.

The initiation of relation between Sameer and Ritu starts too abruptly.

And two ideas disturbed me-

  • Sameer felt mentally estranged from his family and found solace in Ritu. But couldn’t this be a platonic relation? In the writing men seem to  crave for physical contact more than heart or mind. Same was with Sunil(Ritu’s husband). He also run after women outside. I wonder if Kavita did the same and Sameer came to knew it what his reaction would be.
  • Second is Ritu’s predicament. She is financially independent, capable enough to provide for her autistic child and herself yet she is the wedlock with Sunil after being abused. She did take her step though but only when she reached her limit. Women are taught to adjust in every predicament even if it has to tolerate abuse. I wish author could have portrayed her with more strength.

Overall it is a good read. 4 stars can be granted.


Summary (3)Thanks to the author for providing me a copy to read and review.

About the author:-


Rajat Narula is a lead financial management specialist at The World Bank. He has published several poems and articles and won the Fairfax District award in USA for his poetry. He has worked and lived in India, Indonesia and USA.

Author’s Goodreads profile.



Do you like this review? Have you read this book already? What did you feel about it? Please state in comments.


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Five series I want to read this year

Illustrated Fireworks New Year Card

Happy New Year 2018.  May the year be most prosperous for all.

So as I’ve been reminiscing about the books I read last year I realized that there are quite a few series I have marked as Want-to-read in my Goodreads. So today I’m going to talk about top five series I want to read this year. Although I don’t know if it’s possible or not but I definitely wanna try them.

  • Wintersong duology by S. Jae. Jones

Collage 2018-01-01 12_32_12.jpg

I have already read the first book of this duology and one of the best fantasy I have ever read. Read my review of Wintersong here. The next book will be available in February. I’m eagerly waiting.

  • Red Winter trilogy by Annette Marie


One of my dream reads. Why? Because this series includes the Japanese mythology which I adore. I’ve read so so good reviews about this series and how this series is underrated hurts me so much.

  • Shadow and Bone trilogy(Grisha trilogy) by Leigh Bardugo

Collage 2018-01-01 12_33_40.jpg

Ah! Probably the most mentioned trilogy of 2018. Whoever I asked  “Hey what’cha reading?”  replied “Grisha trilogy”. So it’s my time to explore this series.

  • Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo.

    Collage 2018-01-01 12_35_25.jpg

Set after the Grisha trilogy this series also has been recommended to me numerous times.

  • Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard.

    Collage 2018-01-01 19_18_17.jpg

To be honest I’ve read mixed reviews on this one, both in Goodreads and in my bookworm Amino group. But somehow the blurb is very interesting and I want to explore the books myself. Oh well the installment’s cover has been revealed.images (15).jpeg



Additional Series-

  • Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J Maas13519397

Gosh! I probably read the best sarcastic review on this book, especially one was hilarious. Once again mixed reviews but  anyway I would like to check the book myself. Oh and I really like the book cover.




On another side note I won these two hardcovers on a giveaway as Christmas gift.


So that’s all for today. Do you have any plan to read any specific series or standalone? Do tell in comment. Once again Happy New Year. Take care.


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Wish You All a Very Merry Christmas

Christmas Card

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Hello fellow bloggers and friends. This Bookaholic wishes you the very ❄ Merry Christmas❄. Be happy and keep everyone happy.

So how was the year? Mine was nice overall.😊 In fact quite a few good things happened. I moved from my old home and gotten admitted into university with my Post Graduation degree of Journalism and Mass Communication(I’m loving it), I got to arrange many blog tours, I read quite a few great books. But I didn’t complete my Goodreads challenge yet😯. I don’t know if I can complete it this year.😔

Due to my semester I couldn’t post book reviews. But now I’m back and ready to write reviews again. But it will probably be extended o next year.✌✌

So meet ya all next year friends. Enjoy the vacation to the fullest.❤❤



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Blog Tour+ Review #22 :- Innocent Lies (DI Mariner #2) by Chris Collett

Blog Tour Banner - Innocent Lies jpg

Hello! Today my blog is a tour stop for Chris Collett’s book “Innocent Lies”. This is the second book of her Tom Mariner Series.

I am probably one day late to post this Yikes!!! Due to some personal matter I was unable to post on due date.

So without further ado let us begin.

This bag belongs to

SummaryTwo teenagers go missing on the same day. Just a coincidence?

The two young people are from very different backgrounds: Yasmin is the talented, grammar-school-educated daughter of devout Muslim professionals. Ricky disappears after storming out of his council house after an argument with his mum’s latest boyfriend.36512261

DI Mariner knows Ricky’s mother from his days in uniform. He is furious when his superiors take him off Ricky’s case and reassign him to the more politically sensitive investigation. The press — and his bosses — are convinced that Yasmin’s disappearance is a racially motivated abduction. The Akrams have been the target of a far right group.

But Mariner soon discovers that Yasmin is far from the innocent victim her parents think she is. Can he get to the bottom of a perplexing case where no one is what they seem?

Summary (1)Even as this book is a second of its series it can read as a standalone. Only connection it has from the last book is Anna Barham.

[Read review of the first book BLOG TOUR+ Review #20 :- Deadly Lies by Chris Collett]

As usual Chris Collett has written another enjoyable book. She always makes the plot winding enough with multiple characters to pose as the real perpetrator that it’s difficult to put the book down. The curiosity eggs you on.

Two teenagers, missing and dead and the connection between these two different murders; that is the key point of this novel.

The first victim Ricky Skeet lives with his mom after his father left them. A studious boy though he is missing suddenly.

Second victim Yasmin Akram comes from a well-to-do and quite liberal Islam family but in that nuclear family under father’s keen eyes and discipline she feels tired and takes a turn to rebellious. She leaves home or so everyone thinks.

Now it is the detective’s job to find out what had actually happened to them.

There are several points authoress has pointed out.

  • The situation of a single mother. Ricky Skeet’s mom is a single mother and this book is written at that timeline when single motherhood is very much frowned upon. So we can guess the situation of them in an unwelcome society.
  • Islamophobia after 9/11 which is still prevalent. The Akram family has to tolerate much flame from a right wing organization.
  • The oppression and vulnearbility of women. Although it has been mainly portrayed out in the Akram family as the husband is the controller of the house, but we also find that in Skeet family Ricky’s good for nothing father used to beat up his wife. Still she forgave him “After all he is my kid’s father” she said.

As usual well plotted story with easygoing language which is good enough to create suspense and demanding attention of the reader.

Summary (2) Okay the first and foremost drawback is the snail pace in the first chapter. Although it is a good read extensive use of different sub-plots are unnecessary. The extra sub-plots do nothing but play on the emotion like Mariner’s mother’s death. It is very unfortunate but still I believe unnecessary.

And there are so many pervy characters (-_-)

But overall good read. 4stars can be granted.


Summary (3) Thanks to Joffe book publishers and Jill Burkinshaw for the invitation of this blog tour.


About the author

Chris Collett grew up in a Norfolk seaside town where she worked in a boarding house (now defunct) a local bakery (closed down) and a crisp factory (razed to the ground). Graduating in Liverpool, Chris has since taught children and adults with varying degrees493036 of learning disability, including autism. She is now a university lecturer, with two grown up children, and lives in Birmingham; DI Tom Mariner’s ‘patch’. She has published short stories, teaches creative and crime writing and is a manuscript assessor for the Crime Writers Association.
The first five DI Tom Mariner books will be released in revised editions by Joffe Books in 2017/2018.

Author’s Website

Publishers: Joffe Books

purchase the book on Amazon IN

Did you like this review? have you read this book? How did you feel about it? Please state in comments.



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Book Blitz A Moment at Christmas by Jennifer Faye

A Moment at Christmas banner


This is my stop during the book blitz for A Moment at Christmas by Jennifer Faye. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours.

banner Lolas Blog Tours

A Moment at Christmas (A Whistle Stop Romance #5)

By Jennifer Faye

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age category: Adult

Release Date: October 19, 2017


Needed: A nanny in time for Christmas!

Christian Danser keeps his home at the Broken Arrow Ranch just as his late wife left it: cozy and orderly.  With an early winter settling in and the ranch shorthanded, he needs a nanny ASAP.31119818

When Noelle Forrester finds herself unexpectedly unemployed, she and her young son are facing eviction. An ad for a live-in nanny appears to be the answer to her prayers. Until she comes face-to-face with Christian—the sexy yet irritating cowboy who cost Noelle her previous job!

Christian resists hiring the beautiful but failed waitress. She’s too young, too busy, and far too tempting. Nonetheless, when his daughter takes a shine to Noelle, he reconsiders. But when Noelle’s holiday cheer conflicts with Christian’s avoidance of the holiday, sparks fly. Somehow, Noelle has to open Christian’s heart to the spirit of Christmas…or she and her son will be homeless by the New Year.

You can find A Moment at Christmas on Goodreads

You can buy A Moment at Christmas here:

Previous books in the series:

A Moment to Love (A Whistle Stop Romance #1)   FREE!

Blurb:- Welcome to Whistle Stop…where anything can and most likely will happen.

24470626The notorious cowboy meets his match…

Cord Lawson instantly distrusted the young woman in a smart suit who’d just arrived in Whistle Stop. She was very pretty and clearly a city girl—but with memories of his failed marriage still darkening his mind, he’s determined to steer clear! But she’s sniffing around his land—land that has been in his family for generations. There was no way he’d let it go—even if the bank was threatening to foreclose, and even if selling could give Whistle Stop a new lease on life.

Alexis Greer had one mission—close the deal on the Lawson ranch; without it, her father’s land development company would go bankrupt. But the word around town is to keep clear of Cord and to stay away from his precious land. What had happened to cause such a handsome cowboy to live such a solitary existence? However, determination was Lexi’s middle name. She just had to keep on trying to breach Cord’s barriers, to appeal somehow to his head and heart—even if it put her in danger of losing both of hers…to him.

A Moment to Dance (A Whistle Stop Romance #2): Only $0.99!

Blurb:- When trouble strikes…Whistle Stop pulls together

For Ella Morgan, moving to Whistle Stop is a chance to start over, put her horrific past 254003331behind her. But now she’s living in a mountain cabin–in dire need of renovation–that her grandmother left her, along with a sizable tax bill. Her job teaching school isn’t going to cover it. She needs cash, and soon.

Volunteer firefighter Tony Granger has returned to Whistle Stop to run the family ranch and be guardian to his orphaned nephew, Johnny. But being a single parent isn’t coming easy, and he’s worried sick he won’t succeed with his plan to adopt the boy, especially if Johnny’s grades don’t improve. He needs a break, and fast.

When Ella finds out Tony doesn’t have a partner for the Dancing With the Firefighters’ benefit–which is offering a large cash prize–and he hits upon hiring her as Johnny’s tutor, it looks like their problems might be solved. But taking dance lessons to win the competition sets alight a burning attraction between them. Can they let go and learn to trust again, or will the scars of their pasts still haunt them?

A Moment on the Lips (A Whistle Stop Romance #3)

Blurb:- Welcome to Autumn Fest…sweet treats, entertaining company, and a tender romance.

Piper Noble feels like she’s going places. Her business, the Poppin’ Fresh Bakery, is a culinary success story. Next on her to-do list is expanding the bakery into the vacant shop next door…and starting a new diet, like her mom keeps nagging her to. But when Joe Montoya steps into her life, her grand plans grind to a sudden halt.

Joe’s taken a big risk returning to Whistle Stop. But with his disastrous marriage over, it’s time for a fresh start, including opening a coffee shop…and coming to terms with his troubled past. Though his neighbor Piper looks like she’ll be a big distraction in getting Fill-It-Up Joe off the ground–with her honeyed smile, curvy goodness, and her unflagging determination to grab his storefront.

However, when Piper and Joe are elected as co-chairs of a fundraising committee to help the town’s revitalization project, the hostilities must cease. Joe’s not sure about spending time with a woman who, one moment, reminds him of all the good things he’s been missing, and the next minute drives him up a wall with her stubbornness. Meanwhile, Piper’s looking for the way to this gorgeous but grouchy guy’s heart–maybe serving him one of her fresh-from-the-oven pastries could be just the right start…


A Moment to Cherish (A Whistle Stop Romance #4)

Blurb:- Whistle Stop is abuzz…the mayoral election is just weeks away.

Candidate Mason Noble has a vested interest in fast-tracking the town’s revitalization 27393451project. But the votes he’d counted on are drying up because his engagement to Bella Nez ended abruptly. The local grapevine is humming with rumors, but only he and Bella know the truth. And they aren’t talking!

When an emergency puts Bella in the proverbial tough spot, she needs money and fast. There’s only one person who can help—Mason. He agrees to a loan, but he has a condition. He needs Bella by his side again. A reconciliation would win over the townspeople—and it would give him a chance to win back the only woman he’s ever loved.

Bella hesitates to accept Mason’s terms. Until she’s blindsided by unexpected news that has her rethinking everything. Bella is expecting a baby, and there’s a heart-wrenching choice to be made…


Start this series for free!

For a limited time A Moment to Love is free on all vendor sites! Start this series for free and pick up book 1 today:

And buy  book 2 A Moment to Dance on Amazon for only $0.99!

About the Author:

Award-winning author, Jennifer Faye pens fun, heartwarming contemporary romances with rugged cowboys, sexy billionaires and enchanting royalty. Internationally published with books translated into nine languages. She is a two-time winner of the RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award, the CataRomance Reviewers’ Choice Award, named a TOP PICK author, and been nominated for numerous other awards.6902849


Now living her dream, she resides with her very patient husband, amazing daughter (the other remarkable daughter is off chasing her own dreams) and two spoiled cats. When she’s not plotting out her next romance, you can find her curled up with a mug of tea and a book.


You can learn more about Jennifer at:




Wishing all my friends a Happy Diwali

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Book Blitz:- Forsake by Andrea Pearson

Forsake banner

Today is my stop during the book blitz for Forsake by Andrea Pearson. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours.

banner Lolas Blog Tours


By Andrea Pearson

Genre: Fantasy

Age category: Young Adult, New Adult, Adult

Release Date: 18 October, 2017


Vicious shifters are on the hunt and will devour anything that stands in the way. And getting in the way is exactly what Nicole must do.


Nicole Williams hopes for nothing more than to Restart like any normal Arete and gain access to the magic she’ll possess. But when she does Restart, she’s accused of gruesome murder, and she learns she must travel halfway around the world to save her best friend’s life.Forsake

Knowing that the evil Hounds of Tindalos are hot on her tail and that they’ll stop at nothing to kill her before she hides her best friend from them forever, she invites her boyfriend, Conor, to come along as backup. But Conor’s plans may not line up with hers.

Danger, intrigue, and harrowing fights with evil await you in Forsake, a Mosaic Chronicles novel. Start reading now to immerse yourself in the adventure!


Nicole had only been sitting for maybe five seconds when a woman she’d never seen before approached her.

“Are you Nicole Williams?” the woman asked, her gaze darting around the room.


The woman sat next to her and leaned forward. “I don’t have much time—they know I’m here. I have information about Lizzie.” She hesitated a moment before saying, “She’s in danger. And you must protect her before they realize she’s who they’re looking for.”

The woman stood, knocking her chair over as she glanced across the room, then back at Nicole. “I have to go now.”

“Wait!” Nicole started, but the woman rushed away. What was that all about? Lizzie was in danger? How?

A commotion started up near the front door, and Nicole watched as the woman got detained by one of the big security guards Dad had hired. Tiffany approached and began questioning the lady.

Nicole sighed, knowing what was about to happen. Tiffany did not like people attending her parties who weren’t invited.

Sure enough, voices raised, tempers flared, and several people crowded near the front door to watch the woman get kicked out.

Just then, something—a sort of pressure—pushed against Nicole’s chest. She looked down, but nothing was there. Another wave of pressure rippled through the entire room, making her nose tingle. Was that magic? Had she just sensed someone’s powers?

The floor quaked, knocking everyone down. The walls and ceiling vibrated, and the windows that covered one wall rumbled, then shattered. Glass exploded into the room. It swirled into a massive vortex, spinning faster and faster.

Then the lights went out, bathing the room in semi-darkness. Several people screamed. The main doors to the ballroom were flung open, and the backup generators kicked on.

Nicole gasped, her hands fluttering to her mouth. The woman lay on the interior steps that led up to the front door, one leg awkwardly pinned beneath her.

Hands still at her mouth, Nicole stepped across the ballroom floor, needing to see if the woman was okay. The closer she got, though, the more she realized that something was horribly wrong.

The woman’s entire body had been stabbed with tiny glass shards. They pierced through her dress into her legs, chest, and stomach. Her throat, arms, and face were coated in them. Her mouth was wide open, so full of shards that it made Nicole choke. Even her eyes were covered with the sharp little things. Blood pooled around the lifeless woman, dripping down the marble steps.

Nicole screamed, barely noticing as several others did too.

“Someone call the cops!” a man yelled.

That wasn’t necessary—one of Dad’s best friends was a detective. He pulled out his badge and ordered everyone to sit at their tables. No one was happy to be told to what to do, but fairly quickly, Detective Brooks had things under control.

“Why are you holding everyone here?” a woman called out. “It’s obvious that whoever killed her is an Arete.”

Nicole felt her ears turn red. She was the only Arete present—Tiffany would never invite one to a party.

And everyone else knew that too.

As one, a hundred pairs of eyes turned and stared at her.

“It was Nicole!” someone shouted. “She did this.”

Nicole shook her head. “No, I didn’t! There’s no way—no way I would have been able to.”

Several people began shouting at once. Nicole’s eyes scanned the group for Tiffany and Dad, but they were busy arguing.

Detective Brooks stared at her for a moment, his eyes narrowed. He strode to Nicole, grabbed her by the shoulder, and flipped her around, pushing her stomach against the table. He pulled her arms behind her back and handcuffed her, giving her the standard Miranda warning.

“It wasn’t me!” Nicole shouted. “This isn’t right—I didn’t do it! I can’t even use my magic yet! Mother! Dad!”

They obviously couldn’t hear her over the commotion. Even more people were shouting and screaming now. Several were insisting on calling their attorneys while others were pointing at Nicole.

Two officers pulled her out of the building and searched her for weapons before pushing her into the backseat of a cop car. Her face burned as she felt eyes on her. She looked out the window at the night sky, feeling tears of anger, fear, and frustration building up.

She’d been arrested for a murder she couldn’t possibly have committed.

About the Author:

Andrea Pearson is an avid reader and outdoor enthusiast who plays several instruments, not including the banjo, and loves putting together musical arrangements. Her favorite sports are basketball and football, though several knee surgeries and incurably awful coordination prevent her from playing them.1909134

Andrea graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor of science degree in Communications Disorders. She is the author of many full-length novels (the Kilenya Series and Mosaic Chronicles) and several novellas. Writing is the chocolate of her life – it is, in fact, the only thing she ever craves. Being with her family and close friends is where she’s happiest, and she loves thunderstorms, the ocean, hiking, public speaking, painting, and traveling.

You can find and contact Andrea here:



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Book Blitz:- The First Sip Of My Morning Coffee by Nikita Tak


Today is my stop for Nikita Tak’s book The First Sip of My Morning Coffee. The Book Blitz is conducted by Libre Empire.



This book is the best collection of engrossing romantic poems: Acrostics, long narrative, rhymes and some awe-inspiring quotes that will thrill you to bits.

The quotes will motivate you to think positive in life!35697772

What happens when you just have to clear 1 step for the success, and you face a mishap? Will you give me? Will you again stand for chasing your goal, no matter how tough it is?

Read to know, why doctors are like God on this earth, in the story, “The Chocolate Cake”

Happy reading!


  • Publisher: InkQuills Publishing House
  • Publication date: 1 Jan 2017
  • Language: English
  • Product dimension: 12.7*0.5*20.3 cm
  • Book length: 82
  • ISBN-10: 8193408802
  • ISBN-13: 978-8193408803



Nikita Tak, who hails from Ajmer city, she is currently living in Jaipur. She is working as content writer with top rated IT MNC in Jaipur.14197689

Nikita loves to research about numerology, astrology, medical science and loves reading books. Her works have also been featured in other anthology books.

Connect with her:


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Cover Reveal Making it Complicated by Clarisse David

Making It Complicated (I Heart Iloilo 2) by Clarisse David full wrap

Today is the cover reveal for Making it Complicated by Clarisse David. This cover reveal is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours.banner Lolas Blog Tours

The cover designer is  Daniel Tinagan 

Making it Complicated (I Heart Iloilo #2)

By Clarisse David

Genre: Romance

Age category: Young Adult, New Adult

Release Date: October 16, 2017


Blurb: No promises. No expectations. Just one night on a paradise island that could mean everything.


Nineteen-year-old Cam has a metric ton of emotional baggage and is in no mood to unload them on anyone. After her parents’ marriage imploded, stress-free is the only way she wants her life to be. And what could be more freeing than spending the summer on Boracay? Absolutely nothing… until she bumps heads with Hunter, the hot drummer who screams incoming heartbreak from a mile away.Making It Complicated (I Heart Iloilo 2) by Clarisse David Cover Ebook


Hunter has grand plans, none of which include angry-at-the-world Cam, best friend to the girl he always thought he’d end up with. He likes his life steady, thank you very much. But steady has now become synonymous with boring. His grand plans don’t seem so grand anymore. So when Cam comes home to Iloilo City and reaches out to him, he surprises himself when the one answer he can think of is… yes. Definitely yes.


Sometimes, complications are the only things that make sense. 


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Keeping the DistanceKeeping the Distance


No bets. No fake relationships. Just a very real one that has to be kept under wraps.


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About the Author:

Clarisse David is a Young Adult and New Adult author from the land of epic heat waves a.k.a. the Philippines. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and cannot survive without red lipstick and books. When not hanging out on Twitter, she can be found working on her latest writing project.Clarisse David author photo


You can find her on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also send her an email at clarissedavidwrites[@]yahoo[.]com.


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