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Hello everyone!! This Bookaholic is publicly known as Subinita.

I have been an avid reader from my childhood. This love for reading has been sown into me by my mother.  From the time I have learned to read my parents had gifted me story books. And I used to stutter and stammer trying to read through them. With the lilting pronunciation I used to make and clumsily continue to read, it was clear that I had fallen in love with literature.

At that time I never read English books but Bengali which is my mother tongue. When I was 10 years old my father bought me a colourful fairy tale book from Kolkata Book Fair. It was Cinderella. And once again I had fallen in love with literature. This time it was English.

From that time I have read extensively in all the languages I know. And now I am here with dream in my eyes to be a book reviewer.


I am a polygamist(as I read at least two books together in equal intervals) and altruist (as I am always happy to recommend books to others) reader.

Although my eccentricities do not stop here. I am an avid anime and manga fan. I like to read and write fanfictions. I am a crazy Potterhead. I am a half Hufflepuff and a half Ravenclaw. I love to collect various fanarts so if you see my blog is full of colorful fanart insanities do not be confused. You can watch my collections in my Pinterest profile.

So enough about me. Tell me what are you reading?  😉😉😉

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