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Reader’s Block

Hello everyone. It’s been a long time that I’ve been posting here.

I hit a reader’s block. A terrible one as that.

I believe that everyone in the book community is familiar with the phrase. If anyone does not know a reader’s block is a mental block or a negative mental state where you can’t proceed reading a book, or reading anything. Much like writer’s block.

I don’t know why but there were days I couldn’t concentrate in reading anything. My eyes would roam about other things than the open book before me.

So I took some break from reading books.. And did the thing that usually most readers do. Writing. I started writing everything that I was feeling. There was so many books in my to be read list. I wanted to read all but couldn’t.

I Started Writing

I have always heard that writing is therapeutic. This is the first time I felt how true it is. It’s like catharsis. A purgation of all my pent up frustration. I put it out in paper. I basically started writing anything. I started doing stream of consciousness writing and journaling. Tried my hand at writing poetry (kinda turned into disaster) but literally it made me calmer.

Unfinished TBR Pile

I kind of think that my TBR pile is one more reason for this. As a book hoarder it is like another habit of mine to buy new books on my kindle or add another new book to my bookcase. But those unread books are one reason to make me anxious and make my mind so diverted and overwhelmed.

Netgally and Edelweiss

I am stopping using these two book lover’s paradise for some time. Because it is very difficult to enter these two sites and not select some ARCs to download.

Listening Music

This literally kept me sane all these time. My favorite playlists or just some chill lo-fi beats are very helpful while reading. I will be soon sharing some of my playlists if people wants. .. or I will just share them anyway.

So with all the ado I am just going to say that I am nearly recovering from the reader’s block, if this post is any indication, and I will soon be reading and reviewing again. I will be active in this blog again.

So this is for now. We will meet again with a book review next time. I am currently reading a poetry book. What are you all reading?

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