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Review #29:- Perchance Inn by Kirk McCall

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What is more terrifying than an upcoming marriage? Perhaps even planning a certain special event can fill you with unease? Two couples embarking on the adventure of an upcoming wedding find themselves at a place that caters toward those sorts of events. However, the events hosted here tend to have a flair for the bizarre, the strange, and the chilling. If your tastes for love run toward the haunted, and you are enchanted with the unworldly, perhaps you should book your reservation at the “Perchance Inn.”

  • Plot is not bad.
  • There are quite a few stories add totally different flavour to the book.
  • The twist at the end is nice.
  • Cover photo is good enough to capture the mood of the book.

Again I’ll come back to the stories. Sometimes they were tiring. I desperately wanted to complete it and to see where the plot was going but again I found another story and that made me lose some interest in reading it.

There is not so much what we call “conflict”. Everything was too easygoing. I had expected some ghostly/horrifying encounters and all but I didn’t find that and I am a little disappointed.

The characters too are quite stock characters , they have no development whatsoever except the lead characters feeling overwhelmed after listening to all the tales told to them by innkeepers.

So overall it wasn’t a bad experience. 3 stars for the prowess of the author.
3 stars out of 5.

I wish the author best of luck for her literary adventures in future . Thanks to Booktasters for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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