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Author Interview: Let’s see what Aashish Gupta has to say about himself

Today I am back with another interview, with none other than Mr. Aashish Gupta whose book Demons in My Mind left a huge impact on me.

Aashish Gupta, author of “Demon in My Mind”



Aashish Gupta, as he says himself, “A regular MNC professional who is trying hard to break the monotony that comes with a life that imposes a certain set of rules to be followed every day. In the hope that I would flow like music through the hearts and the water through the stubborn mountains.”

He wrote the book “Demons in My Mind” – a dark, philosophical account of the human mind. To cool down the intense impact of the book,  he wrote the second book – “Anecdotes of a White-Collared Slave” (available for free on Juggernaut app) – a light corporate satire that will make you laugh your lungs out.

Welcome to my blog A Bookaholic’s Utopia. It is an honour to have you here. Congratulations to the immense success of  your debut book Demons in My Mind which is simply mind blowing.

Q. Did you ever think that someday you will become a professional writer?

A. Well, I wouldn’t call myself a “professional” till the time I am able to pursue writing full-time. I doubt that is ever going to happen, because making writing the only source of my bread and butter will kill my creative instincts. However, I never knew I would become a writer. The journey has been really painful. If you want to read about it, find it here – http://authoraashish.com/the-making-of-demons-in-my-mind-an-all-pain-no-gain-story/

Q. Are you solely devoted to the writing (as in is it your full time job/work or you do it as your hobby)?

A. As I mentioned above it’s part time as of now, but practically it’s full time for me because my stories haunt me throughout the day.

Ok…so next question

Q. How much supportive is your family?

A. They have always been helpful provided the writing doesn’t come at the cost of other priorities. It is always hard to explain what you are up to, but then when you are passionate about something you steal your moments to do what you like. It’s a busy day at the office day, but I still managed to steal a few moments for this interview. That’s how it works.


Q. Who are the inspirations of your characters?

A. The character of the first monk, Rizwan, is in a lot of ways a reflection of myself – of course, not the crime part! The others are figments of my imagination.

The character were truly amazing.

Q. Was it really necessary for Roy to hurt Alia like that? She was but a child!

A. Great question! This is going to be long. Now there is a problem with us. We tend to segregate everything in white and black. Life, as we know, falls in the grey. There is everything wrong about what Roy did to Alia, but if you stand on the grey strip, you will also find something beautiful – a girl who volunteered to be the Jesus of our time – someone who gave everything she had so that her life could end with purpose. Also, if Roy had to shake the foundation of the ideas the other two monks formed, he had to do something heinous enough to make them re-think about their actions – even if that meant being called a sinner himself, because the purpose of all that was much higher and noble. Alia was an empathetic, sensitive girl who could re-kindle love in their hearts. When the two prisoners witnessed the monstrosity of the act, they actually saw the monstrosity of their own actions.

Beautifully said

Q. How bumpy was the ride to success?

A. Well, I won’t call it a success until the book makes the bestseller. I know I have created something unique, but people have to know. People don’t know about it yet. I don’t have a big marketing budget. My reviewers are my only promoters as of now. The journey of “Demons in My Mind” has been really painful – battling unemployment, depression, anxiety, rejections from publishers, agents, fighting publishing scams, and what not. If you read the story that I shared above, you would get a good idea of the whole journey. There is a lot to share.

We completely understand.

Q. What are your future plans?

A. I am working on my third book, Faith’s Eternal Sunshine. It will touch a subject which few writers will dare to touch. Even if they do, most of them will fail to deliver the expected outcomes. I have taken on this daring project, and by all means, I want to make it one of the best works in the Indian literature.

Ooh! sounds really interesting!!

Q. What would you like to advise the budding and inexperienced authors?

A. If writing comes to you naturally, do it. Don’t think of this as a business idea. Live your story, immerse yourself in it, and go crazy. If your story doesn’t come at a cost (more than just money), it is not a story worth telling.

Thank you so much for being here with us. We wholeheartedly wish for your success in the near future.

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