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Author Interview:- Let’s see what our guest J. Alchem shares about himself


J. Alchem is a voracious reader and a critically acclaimed author. He is the winner of StoryMirror- 2015 (a nationwide writing competition), NaNoWriMo-2015 & 2016, and superhero storyteller (2014).

He has written in several magazines and newspapers and received the appreciation for the same. His stories have been published in numerous Anthologies such as Blank Space, Love Bytes and Mighty Thoughts.

Not only that he is also actively involved in writing quotes and short write-ups which are often seen being circulated among the youth in Facebook, Whatsapp, and other Social networking sites.

Recently he has signed a contract for a short movie on one of his award-winning short stories.

And also he looks as handsome as a Bollywood hero. However, he is very shy about it.

Q. Welcome to my blog A BOOKAHOLIC’S UTOPIA. It is an honour to have you here.

A. It is my pleasure.

Q. First tell our readers about yourself.

A. I am MBA in Finance and International Business by qualification and a creative writer by passion. I am from a small city of Uttar Pradesh, shifted to Delhi a few years ago. In a family full of doctors, I am the only one who is rebellious and someone who loves talking to his imaginary friends instead of people around. I have two babies namely ‘A Road Not Traveled’ and ‘The Highway Man.’ I am a winner of few accolades, but talking about them would look like boasting. So, let’s push them into a corner and talk about writing only.

Of course it won’t be boasting. After all you deserve it. So do not be shy.

Q. Did you ever think that someday you will become a professional writer?

A. Never ever. I loved reading and maintaining my diary, but I was never aware that one day the characters from my diary would crawl out and walk freely in this world. It started 7 years ago, when they were hard to be locked inside the diary.

Q. Are you solely devoted to the writing (as in is it your full-time job/work or you do it as your hobby)?

A. Neither it is a hobby nor a full-time job for me. If I don’t write, I seriously feel like something is dying inside me. So, either I write a line or a quote or a tiny tale or a page, I never skip any day in order to make myself feel alive. I do have a job. I too do have hectic days, but no matter what, ink always spills from my pen.

Beautifully said, as expected from an award-winning author. And no sir, you don’t need to be shy.

Q. How much supportive is your family?

A. Neither they are supportive nor they are against. When they are with me, they are like, “okay,” but when they are with their friends, they are like, “He is rebellious. He writes really well. He listens to his characters only. He is leading to a different but really wonderful road. We don’t know what he is doing.”

Uh! Parents! They are always like that. They won’t praise you but feel proud amongst others in your absence.

Q. Who are the inspirations of your characters?

A. A movie, a quote, a beggar, a newspaper; can be anything The character of Alborhmi from my book “A Road Not Traveled” was inspired from Morgan Freeman of Hollywood. If you talk about my inspiration, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Aamir Khan, Paulo Coelho, and Khaleed Hosseini are my inspiration.

Wow!! Amazing!

Q. How bumpy was the ride to success?

A. Perhaps like ECG in an operation theatre. Lots of prayers from the people outside room, lots of efforts of the people inside the room, lots of courage to face the pain for the guy on the operation chair undergoing operation, and amidst it, ECG beeping.

Q.We know that one of stories is going to be adapted as a movie. Congratulations! Which story is it?

A. Thank you so much. It is ‘The Highway Man’. Story of Jihan who meets strangers on the highway, asks lift and then turns their world upside down. It will be having its shooting in Delhi and Agra.

It is a marvelous story indeed.

Q. What are your future plans?

A. I have four unedited novels with me. Right now, I am editing one of them titled It’s Forever. It is a trilogy. Once it is out, will be editing a fiction on Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, working on a few other projects too, side by side.

Q. What would you like to advise the budding and inexperienced authors?

Talk to your characters, ask them what they want, give them completely opposite to what they ask and yes, read as much as you can.

Indeed! Unless you are a good reader you can never be good writer. Thank you so much for being with us. We wish you the best for the future. Please keep writing.

Follow author on his website  www.authoralchem.wordpress.com



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